Yeah Show 大型佈道會,以莊諧共重的佈道方法,接觸廣大市民。除香港外,Yeah Show 更會作全球華人社區的巡迴佈道,包括:澳門、馬來西亞、新加坡、澳洲、新西蘭、加拿大、美國及歐洲多國,叫更多未信主的朋友相信耶穌基督。

Yeah Show, Evangelized stand-up comedy which combines humor, entertainment and sermon to share the love of God to the public, especially to the younger generation. Gospel comedy show “YEAH SHOW” tours around the world since 2003, including cities like Hong Kong, Guangdong and ZhongShan (China), Canada, Malaysia, Melbourne, Singapore and Sydney.

The ultimate aim is to bring the general public to God, know more about Jesus Christ and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Yeah Show 2015

香港 Hong Kong Yeah Show 2015

吉隆坡 KL Yeah Show 2015

新加坡 Singapore Yeah Show 2015

悉尼 Sydney Yeah Show 2015

墨爾本 Melbourne Yeah Show 2015

Yeah Show 2014

加拿大 Canada  Yeah Show 2014

新加坡 Singapore Yeah Show 2014

馬來西亞 Malaysia Yeah Show 2014

悉尼 Sydney Yeah Show 2014

Yeah Show 2013

新加坡 Yeah Show 2013

香港 Yeah Show 2013

悉尼 Yeah Show 2013

馬來西亞 Yeah Show 2013

加拿大 Yeah Show 2013